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This may be caused by one of the following reasons:

1.The link you are trying to reach is not activated or the item is now sold out.

2. You do not have permission to purchase this item because this is a "member-only" item and either you are not signed-in or you are not a W Club member.
Solution: Sign-in first before attempting to add a W Club exlusive. If this still does not work after you signed-in, please contact the W Club Liaisons at wclub@integritytoys.com if you think that this is an error.

3. You are trying to add an in-stock item to an order that also contains an item that is currently in pre-order mode.
Solution: clear the content of your cart and start over, please make sure that there are no "in-stock" items to your cart if you are trying to purchase an item that is a pre-order.


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