Following the release of last year’s debut collection, we are proud to bring you the second collection of East 59th, which features the return of favorites Constance Madssen and Evelyn Weaverton, who are joined this season by the debonair advertising magnate Laird Drake and the newly revamped Victoire Roux, making her New York debut after a two-year absence!

Continuing the play pattern established last year when the collection, created by Chris Stoeckel, was first launched, most of the dolls and the fashion figure include an alternate clothing piece for even more styling possibilities!



Cocktails for Men

Laird Drake® Dressed Doll
A refined, modern man of his time, Laird Drake comes from old money. But, don’t be fooled; this debonair man of the world has worked tirelessly to build his reputation as the top advertising genius and model agency owner on East 59th. Stepping out of the long shadow created by his millionaire grandfather with great fanfare, Laird made a name for himself working with some of the most beautiful people on the planet to turn run-of the-mill brands into coveted household names using nothing but his witty sense of humor, keen eye for detail and product placement, along with a talent for manipulating people’s inner-most desires.

On a personal level, non-withstanding the not-so-well-kept secret that he prefers having cocktails with other like-minded gentlemen, Laird thoroughly enjoys the company of his beautiful lady friends (his “muses” as he refers to Evelyn and Constance) and is looking forward to undermining the competition by adding French top model and renaissance woman Victoire Roux to his roster.

Can Mr. Drake keep juggling between business and after hours for much longer? Can the facade that he created to help skyrocket his career into the stratosphere stand the test of time? We’ll see… We’ll see, indeed.

Item: 73005
Edition size: 400
Skin tone: Cream

Tangier Tangerine

Constance Madssen® Dressed Doll
When Laird Drake was the last one to be approached by the Tangerine Company to create a campaign based on their prized, yet little-known nectar, he could have been insulted, but instead, he decided to welcome the project as a personal dare. No one who had attempted to work with the brand so far had managed to come up with a signature cocktail that could change the tide and expose this delightful aperitif for the precious brew that it really was- a stylish and refreshing concoction that could easily become the staple of every chichi summer party across the nation and beyond!

Never balking at a challenge, Laird immediately rolled up his sleeves, reached out to the beautiful Constance Madssen and together, they hit their favorite cocktail lounges, soon coming up with the perfect mix. Cleverly baptized “Tangier Tangerine” to help create an exotic aura around the cocktail, Drake told the world that this was the only drink in town via a most talked about ad campaign featuring the gorgeous Miss Madssen herself, published in all the major Gentlemen’s magazines and Ladies’ Home Journals of the time! The pair truly beat the odds and were accessory to the creation of a trendy phenomenon that is still relevant to this very day!

Item: 73006
Edition size: 500
Skin tone: FR White

Midnight Kiss

Lady Aurelia Grey Dressed Doll
After she fell in love and married Lord Grey, a young and handsome British aristocrat while still in college, Brooklyn born and raised Lady Aurelia Grey moved to the old continent with her beloved husband to launch what would soon become an incredible career in fashion design, which eventually lead to the creation of one of Europe’s most sought after couture houses, Grey Of London.

A great beauty who could have been a model herself, Lady Aurelia quickly became a true sensation with the upper crust and was recognized as the “go to” designer for anyone with a title, as well as all the celebrities of the world who acted like they had one.

When she heard that her fashion muse and close friend Victoire Roux was about to make her big debut on American runways, Lady Aurelia appointed herself as Victoire’s personal stylist and made sure that everyone in New York knew who she was. Of course, it didn’t take long for the other ladies of East 59th to notice those impeccably crafted clothes and demand that Lady Aurelia start designing for them, as well!

Item: 73010
Edition size: 500
Skin tone: Light Honey

Mai Tai Swizzle

Constance Madssen® Dressed Doll
Winning many accolades for her participation in the “Tangier Tangerine” campaign and becoming the brand’s official spokesperson following its genius re-branding as the most wanted citrusy brew ever stirred made Constance Madssen a very popular woman indeed. But, as the saying goes, too much of a good thing always gets old fast.

Being called upon to jet away at a moment’s notice to make a guest appearance at this or that party was starting to seriously take its toll on the model, when she finally put a dramatic “STOP!” to it all and took off without another word, foolishly thinking that she could discretely escape the hullabaloo by disappearing to Maui for a week or two.

As she tried to relax and enjoy the rays dressed in her breeziest outfit, our ingenue was slightly annoyed when a ruggedly handsome bartender winked at her as he offered her a drink “on the house”. Her immediate reaction was to roll her eyes at him as she detected a hint of that zingy tangerine aroma, but as she took a sip of the best Mai Tai she had ever tasted, it became totally clear to her that she was in the process of leaving a mark on the world, albeit in a very twisted way. As usual, Laird’s instincts had been spot-on and she couldn’t wait to get back to New York to work on his next big project, since everything he touched apparently turned to gold!

Item: 73011
Edition size: 500
Skin tone: Cream

Turquoise Sparkler

Evelyn Weaverton® Dressed Doll
When Evelyn heard that Victoire Roux would be joining the team at Laird’s agency, she wasn’t too pleased, but it didn’t matter; a sophisticated woman of her time would never let her disappointment show through. Her facade remained icy cold as she carefully calculated her next moves.

Albeit not known to her at the time, it was simply impossible to hate Victoire Roux, since let’s face it, her stunning beauty and gentle soul had managed to win over even the biggest despots on Earth at one time or another. In reality, as soon as the pair first met, Evelyn’s jealous streak melted to leave room for the birth of a deep friendship that would outlast their tenure at the agency, finding the pair retelling the story (and still laughing many years after the fact) of the empty box Ev gave Victoire as a welcome present on the evening of her arrival!

Item: 73012
Edition size: 500
Skin tone: FR White

Blue Gold

Victoire Roux Dressed Doll
Everyone knew about Victoire; after all, every known model on Earth in the 1950s (not-so-secretly) wanted to be her! Decorated war hero, unparalleled beauty, sophisticated and intelligent beyond her years, she was the true renaissance woman that everyone loved. Or, did they?

When Miss Roux received Laird Drake’s lavish offer to join his agency in America via telex, she didn’t think twice and hopped on a plane, leaving all of her Parisian friends behind, knowing full well that this publicity stunt was just what her career needed after the lull created by her leaving on a sabbatical to go help the needy in a faraway land (in her own glamorous way, of course!). Little did she know that her big return would create such drama on the scene, more specifically with Constance Madssen and Evelyn Weaverton, as the two beauties made it clear to her that New York was their turf and that Laird was “their” man!

But of course, it would take more than a couple of insecure gals to disturb this stoic woman; she’d already seen it all and had always remained on top, never shaken or stirred. Victoire was back and she was here to stay!

Item: 73013
Edition size: 500
Skin tone: Cream

The Americano

Evelyn Weaverton® Dressed Doll
Every New Yorker had a spot they call their own where they’d go to unwind. Whether it was a cocktail lounge, a department store or a coffee joint, it’s those special places that made the Big Apple, a metropolis that could be so cold and overwhelming at times, feel just like home for its denizens.

Since life is not always glitz and galas and even the most glamorous models had to suffer the mundane from time to time, for Evelyn Weaverton, that magical place “in the real world” was Caffé Di Tazza. Each day, she could stop by at any time to pick up the best cannoli in town, knowing full well that if she winked a little at Marcello the owner in just the right way, she’d get 13 to a dozen and a good laugh! Indeed, many of her busy days began and ended there, watching other beautiful people pass by while sipping on the most flavorful coffee in town. Ev always felt welcome and happy at the Caffé; the staff always made her feel like a glamorous American beauty visiting Italy, her favorite country on Earth and the only place where she could clear her busy mind long enough for her to contemplate her next big career moves!

Item: 73014
Edition size: 500
Skin tone: FR White