Although we make every effort to ensure the quality of our products, our dolls and collectibles are hand made and problems do occur from time to time. At Integrity Toys, we take pride in our work and wish to assure you that we stand behind our offerings. We convey to the original owner of any of our products a one-year warranty on all parts (except packaging) from the date of initial release/manufacture. The following text outlines the details of this warranty program, including procedures to follow in case of defective products and missing parts.
1-Defective Bodies
Many tiny parts are assembled together to create our doll bodies and these are designed to fit together like a puzzle to create the dolls and characters you love. We will replace the body of any of our dolls (within the one-year warranty time period) should a proven manufacture defect occur. This warranty will not cover user induced defects resulting from abusive twisting and bending of limbs, dropping or mishandling the bodies, or damages from chemicals such as acetone.
2-Defective Garments and Accessories
The use of 100% natural fabrics and materials is often an integral part of the manufacturing of our products. Due to the very nature of these components, variations will naturally occur and are not defects. Our warranty will not cover variations in fabric and only covers actual manufacturing defects (i.e. broken zippers, damaged accessories).
3-Facial Screenings
The majority of our dolls are screened by hand. Although our factory tries to keep an overall consistency in the manufacturing process, due to the size and intricacy of our dolls™ facial screenings, variations will occur in facial paint, and is not a defect. If you feel your doll™s facial screening has a true and major defect, please contact us. However, please note that each request will be treated on a case-by-case basis and that we reserve the right at our sole discretion to refuse replacement if we deem the variation to be non-defective.
4-All Other Types of Defects or Missing Parts
Each instance will be treated on a case-by-case basis and our customer service representatives will decide of the best course of action to be taken to obtain a satisfactory resolution.
If you have a broken or defective Integrity Toys Collectible, please take the time to read the points below before contacting us. Once you have done so, contact us.
I tried using the automated form on your official site and it’s not compatible with my computer or does not work for me. What do I do?
Contact directly. To help us serve you faster, please include a clear picture of the issue, your full name and mailing address.
Why do you only offer a one-year warranty on your products?
Since we produce items that are extremely limited in nature, we only have a fixed amount of replacement pieces for them. Once replacements parts run out, it’s impossible for us to offer a replacement.
I was informed that there are no more parts available for my doll and it is still under its one-year warranty. What happens in those cases?
You will be directed to obtain a refund from your dealer or IT will offer you a refund for the defective item once it has been returned back to us. Our PatientCare team will explain this to you. We will do everything we can to avoid this, but sometimes due to the limited availability of parts for certain collectibles, this is not something that can be helped.
My exquisite doll arrived in a dented or creased box; can you send me a new one?
No. Our warranty only covers the actual product contained inside the package, not the packaging the product comes in.
I tried re-rooting/repainting my doll and it is now ruined. Can I replace it or can I purchase a replacement part from Integrity?
No. As much as we would like to accommodate these types of requests, modifying our product is done at your own risk and automatically voids this warranty. Also, Integrity Toys does not sell additional spare parts at any given time.
My item is damaged and needs to be sent in to either your Hong Kong, Canada or US location. Will you cover my shipping fees?
Whenever possible, we will send you replacement parts without you having to return anything to us, however certain things can be repaired (for example eyelashes and facepaints) and the only way to do this is for this part to be sent back to the artists at our factory. If parts need to be sent in, depending on the case, we may issue a shipping refund in the form of an IT Direct store credit. No Paypal or credit card refund will be issued at any time.
My product is clearly damaged inside its box. I collect MIB/NRFB dolls only (I don’t de-box by dolls), can I get a complete replacement?
Again, our items are produced in extremely small quantities. Replacing complete NRFB items may prove to be difficult and will be at our discretion. We normally will only replace damaged parts unless otherwise noted. NRFB items will have to be returned at your cost.
I’m part of the W Club, can the Liaisons help me with my products issues?
Unfortunately, no. Although the Integrity Toys team works extremely closely with the Liaisons to communicate with our customers, product requests need to be handled by Integrity Toys. If you contact the Liaisons, they will refer you back to Integrity Toys.
I love your various doll bodies, can I purchase several to upgrade my dolls or make my own dolls?
We do make available from time to time some of our bodies for sale. Please visite our online store regularly, if we do have bodies available for sale, they will be listed there.
I purchased an item in the shopping cart on and don’t like it. Can I return it for a refund?
Due to the delicate nature of our collectibles, unless otherwise noted, all sales in our carts are final. We will only replace damaged or missing parts. We will not make any exceptions to this rule.
I ordered something from the ITDirect shopping cart and received the wrong item. What do I do?
Contact us immediately. Once we receive your message, someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to resolve the issue in a timely manner during normal business hours (Mon. – Fri., 9AM to 5PM Eastern).
I own an Integrity Toys collectible that is past its warranty period and it is broken or defective. Can I pay you to have it repaired or can I purchase replacement parts?
Yes and no. Since our collectibles are made in limited editions, we reach a point where parts are simply no longer available. If however your doll’s body is broken, please contact us and we will certainly have a look. If we are able to provide you with a solution, we will let you know as soon as possible. Shoes, doll heads and clothing can usually not be repaired or replaced past the warranty, but bodies, hands, feet and doll stands usually can.