Petite Robe Classique (Jour)

Adèle Makéda Doll

Item: 91478
Edition Size: 1069
Skin tone: FR Black

Intimate Soirée

Agnes Von Weiss® Doll

Item: 91479
Edition Size: 600
Skin tone: Japan

Style Legacy

Isabella Alves Doll

Item: 91480
Edition Size: 600
Skin tone: Light Honey

Haute Desire

Dania Zarr Doll

Item: 91481
Edition Size: 600
Skin tone: Hungarian

Wicked Narcissism

Eugenia Perrin-Frost Doll

Item: 91482
Edition Size: TBD
Skin tone: Cream

Miami Glam

Kesenia Valentinova Doll

Item: 91483
Edition Size: 600
Skin tone: Sunkissed

Legendary Status

Agnes Von Weiss Doll
There are few true beauty icons in this world, and even fewer who have left a mark so deep on popular culture, that the mere mention of their name can immediately capture anyone’s attention, no matter where they hail from.

Baroness Agnes Von Weiss is one such individual and who better to help us celebrate Integrity Toys’ 25th anniversary in business than one of the the most Legendary characters ever created for Integrity Toys’ flagship brand, Fashion Royalty!

Item: 91503
Edition Size: TBD
Skin tone: FR White

Petite Robe Classique (Nuit)

Véronique Perrin® Doll

Item: 91505
Edition Size: 964
Skin tone: FR White

Legendary Manicure Set

Item: 91507
Edition Size: 600

Legendary Shoe Wardrobe

Item: 91508
Edition Size: 600