Frosted Passion

Della Roux Dressed Doll
Della Roux’s team is barely keeping up with all the offers coming her way, but no matter, East 59th’s most in-demand model could not pass on the chance to be an integral part of the “La Femme Godiva” collection! Landing arguably the most sought-after item in the series, the lipstick, everyone will see her face stand out in every magazine. Better yet, her gorgeous portrait will also appear on a giant billboard in Times Square

Item: 73044
Edition size: 750
Skin tone: FR Black

Pink Mist

Maeve Rocha Dressed Doll
Vibrant just like the amazing eyeshadow pallet she was enlisted to promote, newcomer Brazilian model Maeve Rocha is set to captivate new audiences for “La Femme Godiva” with her fresh, delicate, yet sophisticated exotic looks! The camera just loves her and it really shows; Maeve has a long promising career ahead of her under the East 59th umbrella!

Item: 73045
Edition size: 750
Skin tone: Sunkissed

Pressed Perfection

Evelyn Weaverton® Dressed Doll
Who better to promote the new “go-to” pressed powder compact from the “La Femme Godiva” Collection than the woman with the most flawless skin in New York? Yes! Evelyn Weaverton is the lady of the hour, looking more youthful and sophisticated than ever, as she graces the covers of all the top fashion magazines in the nation!

Item: 73046
Edition size: 750
Skin tone: FR White

Arctic Moon

Coralynn “Cora” Kwan Dressed Doll
Known as Cora to her friends, we are thrilled to introduce self-made millionaire and beauty industry diva extraordinaire Coralynn Kwan! Ready to take the West by storm, Cora makes a splashing debut personally acting as the mysterious face of “Arctic Moon”, the exotic signature fragrance of her new cosmetics collection, “La Femme Godiva”!

Item: 73047
Edition size: 750
Skin tone: Japan

Honolulu Sunset

Augustus “Gus” Blake® Dressed Doll
Traveling to Hawaii would not be the same without a gorgeous companion by your side and Victoire Roux invited the most handsome one of them all to join her; no other than the charming Augustus Blake!

Oh, what sweet adventures await under the hot tropical sun, and our friend Gus just can’t wait to discover the islands and bring back amazing souvenirs he’ll be talking about for the rest of his life! Honolulu here we come!

Item: 73048
Edition size: Open Edition
Skin tone: Nubian

Aloha Waikiki

Victoire Roux Dressed Doll
A French top model enjoying the sun on a pristine Hawaiian beach? Oui, oui, pourquoi pas?! Sporting a fun polka dot bikini, Victoire Roux brings her touch of Parisian flair to the most beautiful islands on Earth!

Item: 73049
Edition size: Open Edition
Skin tone: FR White

Legacy: Burnt Champagne Part 1

Della Roux Dressed Doll

Meet Della Roux in the role of Monique Verreault, the sophisticated heiress of one of the richest American families, returning home after a long European vacation, only to discover that her arch-rival, outrageous millionaire entrepreneur and socialite, Lexie Corrie, has been busy seducing her man, oil baron Blaine Wellington during her absence!

Watch as the heat is about to turn up as these ladies are ready to fight for their right to be with the love of their lives in LEGACY!

Item: 73055
Edition size: 750
Skin tone: FR Black

Legacy: Burnt Champagne Part 2

Victoire Roux® Dressed Doll
Cast against her real-life half-sister, Della Roux, in LEGACY, a dramatic series about the sordid life of the rich and famous, we introduce Victoire Roux in the role of Lexie Corrie, a desperate attention-seeking millionaire entrepreneur and socialite, who currently has her heart set on her rival’s beau, oil baron Blaine Wellington!

Fans will all agree that these are the roles of a lifetime for the Roux sisters, and sparks are sure to erupt on and off the set!

Item: 73056
Edition size: 750
Skin tone: FR White