Night Falls

Keeki Adaeze Dressed Doll
Youngest of our new fearless trio, Keeki is a bubbly social butterfly with an ever-positive outlook on life… In other words, she’s the light of the party!

Always acting like she is more famous than the celebrities who love to “be seen” at Meteor, Keeki is a social media natural, a specialist at navigating the apps and planning exciting parties and events!

Aside from outshining everyone on the dance floor at night, in the daytime, she and her friend Amirah are the two artists who oversee all aspects of party planning, decor design, and styling at the club. Patrons can easily recognize (and always appreciate) their fashionable signature on all those tiny details that make every evening spent at Meteor the one not to be missed!

Item: 46000
Edition size: 525
Skin tone: Nubian

In This Skin

Zuri Okoty Dressed Doll
Always the manager and ten steps ahead of everyone, Zuri Okoty’s overactive business-oriented mind works non-stop to make sure that the girl’s ultimate vision for Meteor is achieved as planned!

While many affectionately call her “Boss”, everyone knows that there is so much more than meets the eye with this stunning, multi-faceted young professional of the hospitality and entertainment industries. All it usually takes is one conversation and potential business partners immediately fall under her spell. How can anyone say no to someone who has such a clear vision of who she is and where she is going?

While Zuri’s polished, sophisticated and professional sense of style may intimidate some, deep down everyone knows that at the end of the day, she totally knows how to have fun with her friends and it’s all that matters!

Item: 46001
Edition Size: 525
Skin tone: A-Tone

Breaking Dawn

Amirah Majeed Dressed Doll
Born into a wealthy family and already financially independent, Amirah learned the value of money from an early age and is a natural when it comes to managing the nightclub’s finances. Amirah deeply values the trust that her good friends have in her and she is proud of what they have achieved together in such a short time.

Ever the “people person”, her never-ending list of connections has brought all sorts of interesting deals to the table already. Whatever the girls want, Amirah knows what to do to make it happen… As long as you don’t ask too many questions!

Her friends refer to her as “The Planner”, but no matter how serious she gets about club business, let the music play and she’ll follow the beat better than anyone else!

Item: 46002
Edition size: 525
Skin tone: New Hispanic

Edge of Night

Amirah Majeed Dressed Doll
After weeks of long and complicated negotiations, the girls are finally ready to close the deal with the biggest act in town, just in time for the grand opening of Meteor! For this occasion, Amirah is dressed to show the band’s manager that she means business but in her own, totally fashionable way… And, the message was received loud and clear!

Many strings were pulled and many favors are now owed, but contract in-hand, Amirah can’t wait to tell her friends that they are this much closer to making their teenage dreams of owning an internationally renowned nightclub a reality!

Item: 46003
Edition Size: 525
Skin tone: FR White


Keeki Adaeze Dressed Doll
While her friends have been poking around for weeks to find out what extravagant look Keeki would be wearing on opening night, no amount of teasing could make our favorite fashionista talk! They would have to wait and be amazed!

After all the hard work she put into planning, posting on social media and making sure that the opening night of Meteor would be on everyone’s lips, there was only one thing to do: put her twist on opening night and she most definitely did!

Item: 46004
Edition size: TBA
Skin tone: Sunkissed

Coming Out

Navia Phan Dressed Doll
Meet The Meteor’s hot new mixologist, making her debut at the “Le Chic” party, a retro, 1970’s inspired fashion extravaganza that’s become the hot topic of the hour!

Not just your run of the mill bartender, fashionista Navia Phan makes ordering a cocktail a true visual experience and her alcoholic creations have won prizes at some of the most prestigious International bartending competitions! With Navia on the team, The Meteor’s reputation is sure to skyrocket to new heights!

Item: 46005
Edition Size: 575
Skin tone: Japan

Every Woman

Zuri Okoty Dressed Doll
When Zuri Okoty came up with the idea of a 70’s, retro-inspired themed party, the other girls immediately rolled their eyes and chimed “No More Disco!” in unison, but oh, were they wrong! What first started as just another themed party, quickly turned into an all out extravaganza that soon became the talk of town and we can all thank Miss Zuri Okoty’s genius for that!

Seen here making an extravagant entrance at the party, “La Okoty” is definitely showing all skeptics how it’s done and we can only bow down to her fashionable ways!

Item: 46006
Edition size: 575
Skin tone: Dark A-Tone