For the first time in the history of the NU. FACE agency, Lukas Maverick and his team of models have agreed to be an integral part of what could be called the most controversial music video of all time! Calling for dark and edgy, artistically defiant looks inspired by the alternative scene, this production is sure to be talked about for many years to come!






Lukas Maverik Dressed Doll
When his favorite music video producer called to ask if the NU. Face agency could send a team of beautiful people to “S & M” (stand and model) in perhaps one of the most controversial and edgy music videos ever put on film, Lukas’ curiosity was immediately tickled. Once he found out what singer the music video was for and just how big a controversy this would create, he knew right then and there that he needed to jump back in front of the cameras and be an integral part of this experience himself, along with his favorite girls!

Item: 82099
Edition size: 725
Skin tone: Latino

Beyond This Planet

Violaine Perrin Dressed Doll
When Véronique Perrin called her friend Lukas to announce that her youngest sister wanted to become a model, they both agreed that the budding fashionista would need to be kept in check, knowing full well that eventually, her taste for anything “edgy” would get her in trouble.

While the Perrins weren’t exactly thrilled to learn that their daughter’s first assignment would be to take part in this particular production, just seeing Violaine so happy, looking stunning and then realizing that this exposure would instantly make her a household name changed their minds. How could they say no to any of their gorgeous daughters?

Item: 82100
Edition size: 850
Skin tone: FR White

The Awakening

Annik Vandale Dressed Doll
After a single audition, it was clear that Annik had to be picked as lead dancer for the music video; her perfect rhythm, gorgeous exotic features and unique style placed her miles ahead of the competition! So much so, that the producers decided to make her a focal point of the production by giving her several dance solos.

Those scenes quickly became some of the most talked about segments of the 10 minute long opus and from that point on, Annik became one of the most sought-after music video performers of all time!

Item: 82101
Edition size: 950
Skin tone: Dark A-tone


Colette Duranger Dressed Doll
To complement her role as the young, trendy, star struck ingenue in the video’s background story line, the production’ stylists selected an ultra-vibrant look that would totally complement Colette’s warm and sensuous skin-tone, making her lovely features “glitter” like never before! Colette couldn’t be happier; the choice of wardrobe was perfect and it allowed her to feel comfortable enough to deliver a spot-on performance!

Item: 82102
Edition size: 1200
Skin tone: Sunkissed


Dominique Makeda Dressed Doll
The production’s designers came up with a fun, completely out-of-the-box look that only Dominique Makeda could pull off for her part in the role of the fashionable goddess who was meant to give her blessings to the young ingenue of the story.

Full of self-confidence, Dominique opted to go off on a tangent and play her part with defiance and bravado, instead of being stoic and demure like the script called for. So much so, that the director had to call cut a few times in an attempt to reel Dominique “back-in”, begging her to stay on script. Thankfully, Dominique’s instincts paid off and her memorable performance is still talked about today

Item: 82103
Edition size: 950
Skin tone: FR Black

Reliable Source

Eden Blair Dressed Doll
Even though she’s always perceived as the positive and sweet element of everyone’s favorite modeling duo, Eden still shares her evil twin sister’s taste for cool clothes! All smiles and happy to be co-hosting with her sister, Eden brought her own sassy flair to the stage and everyone loved it!

Item: 82104A
Edition size: 1700
Skin tone: Japan

Unknown Source

Lilith Blair Dressed Doll
Thrilled to have been selected as the stage host for the annual British Journalism awards, Lilith, being everyone’s favorite “evil” sister, just couldn’t do this without infusing her part of the deal with a ton of attitude; after all, her fans expected nothing less!

Item: 82104B
Edition size: 1500
Skin tone: Japan