My Allure

Karolin Stone Dressed Doll
Following the immense success of his cutting edge underwear campaign (in which he personally participated), Lukas Maverick decided to revisit the concept, this time featuring one of his personal favorite leading ladies, stunning American actress and model Karolin Stone!

Seen here for the first time as a “close-up” doll, Karolin Stone is the perfect girl to re-dress, re-style and model just the way you like!

Item: 82118
Edition size: 900
Skin tone: FR White

Mademoiselle Lilith

Lilith Blair Dressed Doll
The last campaign that the NU. Face agency created started such a splash, that many other couture houses came begging to have to have one of the twins represent them. Lucky for everyone, they come in a pair and this time, Lilith is more than happy to be in the spotlight!

Mademoiselle Lilith is ready to bring her edge to this story! Mademoiselle Lilith is one the three official 2020 W Club exclusive upgrade dolls!

Item: 82120B
Edition size: TBD
Skin tone: FR White

In My Skin

Colette Duranger Dressed Doll
Colette Duranger was most definitely flattered when she received Lukas’ open invitation to participate in any modeling campaign of her choice! When she heard that he was working on a “take 2” photo shoot as a follow up to the global success of last year’s Essentials campaign, she just had to take him up on his invitation!

Perfect to re-dress, re-style and pose in endless ways, the Colette Duranger “close-up” doll is just the model that your next mini-photo shoot needs to bring on the glam!

Item: 82145
Edition size: 1000
Skin tone: Hungarian